300B.Sp, short for Threehundred Billion Spartans, is a sci-fi/fantasy series about King Leonidas III, descendant of the ancient and legendary king of the same name, on his quest to liberate Iran from its powerful yet oppresive dictator. Leonidas is part the Spartan Program, a project formed by greek super-soldiers made to defend their homeland Greece.

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SPOILER ALERT! Read at your own risk, or read the original novel if available.

On Thermopylae, the spartan king Leonidas gets ready for what would be his last battle. However, persian king Xerxes offered Leonidas's army to surrender their weapons, preventing the ensuing battle to take place. Leonidas turns down the offer, insisting on fighting for Greece. The Battle of Thermopylae would take place, with the Persians winning this battle, but not the war.

Fast forward to the year XI, NG (2163 AD), Europe, specially Greece, recovered greatly from a nuclear attack that happened elevel years due to a war fought by europeans against each other. A man, called Leonidas, is informed by his boss Alex about his new mission, which involves 300 billoins of Spartans living in different planets. This mission is to overthrow Iran's dictator, which Alex deems as Leonidas's biggest mission ever.

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  • Leonidas The main protagonist, a key soldier belonging to the Spartan Program.
  • Alex Leonidas' superior and one of his friends.

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