Thermopylae. 480BC.

This was the last moments of King Leonidas I, a bold, strong and brave man fighting until the end. He, like his men, was wearing the hoplite's battle armor, complete with the spartan helmet and his spear and his shield, named the Dory and the Aspis, respectively. The Aspis has a letter lambda (Λ) inscribed in it - a design that would later be important in a distant future. Leonidas was determined to give his life serving Greece. He would defend his land, or die trying.

Facing Leonidas and his army of 600 spartans was Xerxes and his even bigger army of persian soldiers. Leonidas' army was therefore outnumbered, but remained a strong army until the end.

Xerxes was, much like Leonidas, a powerful man. Xerxes and his men wore their persian soldier uniforms. Xerxes' mission was to invade Greece, and he would apparently succeed.

Xerxes looked in the eyes of the spartan king.

"Say, King Leonidas." Xerxes asked. "I see that you're a brave man. But it's no use to continue fighting."

"No use?" Leonidas answered. "We will continue to defend Greece. Or we'll die trying."

"And what if we all prevent those unnecessary casualties?" Xerxes requested. "What if you surrender your weapons so nobody gets hurt?"

This angered Leonidas, who was determined to never surrender.

"Molon... Labe." Uttered an enraged Leonidas.

"Well... have it your way." Xerxes answered.

And so the Battle of Thermopylae begun. It would be the fall of the spartan army. The persians would win this battle... but not the war.

Meanwhile, in outer space...

An alien device is floating above Earth.

A red light is blinking at one of its sides.

Then suddenly... it turns green.