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Welcome to the Rules page. Here you can read the rules that keep FXON growing the way it should be.

First of all, learn the principles that drive FXON:

  • Originality - Don't try to copy others. Instead, try your own path and print your own style!
  • Creativity - The imagination can be a useful tool to make good stories! Take advantage of this!
  • Friendly - We're a nice community, but if you want to argue with someone, at least tell him/her why.
  • Quality - Don't make a simple, dull story. Try to expand it instead, or try to make it better.
  • Everyone - This wiki is aimed for all audiences, so keep it clean. (Or at least try to!)


  • Writing fiction - covers the writing of articles and their categorization.
  • Community - covers the rules of the community.
  • Miscellaneous - covers other topics like reporting and appealing.

These are rules you can consult anytime. For general help about FXON, click here.
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