The Art of the Legendary Nox Warriors is a martial art originated in the Nox civilization and used first by the Nox Warriors. It's noted by its characteristic Total Flow ability and state, which allows the combatant to use special superpowers. It's a central concept in the Total Flow series.

Origins Edit

The martial art was first used by the military (the Legendary Nox Warriors) for defense use. Then it was shared by civilians and soldiers alike, starting with soldiers teaching the civilians, and then the civilians learning on their own. It's still used by Nox descendants in present day.

Fighting Styles Edit

This particular martial art can be comprised by several fighting styles. Four of them are listed here as follows:

  • Elemental: The combatant uses the power of the elements: Fire, Water, Air, Lightning and Earth. The most used.
  • Mental: The fighter gains mind powers, such as telekinesis or summoning equipement from imagination.
  • Magnetic: The warrior, using the power of magnetism, is capable to use metals as a versatile arsenal.
  • Crystal: The soldier is capable to generate crystals and gemstone-based weaponry and defense, such as shields, etc.

One can access these powers properly when in Total Flow. Using Partial Flow results in those powers being used at 1/6th of its potential. The Mental fighting style can be also called "Mind over Matter", whilst the Magnetic fighting style is also known as "Metallic".

Known Users Edit

The people listed are all Nox descendants.