Sandbox #00001

"Spirit of Light in modern Times", "Lightwarrior", "Mythra the Princess"... I don't know how to name this thing. (wait i'll have a name sorted out lol) But this is a series about some light warrior who controls elements, and looks like Miley Cyrus. For now, I'll call this thing "Miley Cyrus with Powers".

Characters Edit

  • Mythra Stewart - This is the main protagonist. It's like Miley Cyrus meets Korra (from The Legend Of Korra) - it's a girl who looks like Miley Cyrus (yay), has elemental powers like Korra and Aang (from the Last Airbender) and is a skilled martial artist like Bruce Lee and Rinzler from Tron Legacy (actually it's Anis Cheurfa).

Actually Mythra inherits some traits not only from Korra, but also from some Seraph Copy X guy (you know, from Megaman Zero).

  • Geronimo Zuanic - Despite the name, Geronimo is a she (a very beautiful she btw). It's basically Vanessa Hudgens but with short hair and elemental powers like Mythra. It's Mythra's best friend and actually some sort of Guardian. The name comes from Gina Swanich, some chilean news presenter.
  • Jeremy Stewart - Brother of Mythra, looks like Jared Leto, and is also younger than Leto himself.
  • Alex Stewart - Sister of Mythra - it's the Selena Gomez of the series.
  • Sonny "Sonnos" Stewart - Adoptive sister of Mythra. Basically Demi Lovato sans her cleff chin (which imo is distracting).
  • William Stewart - Father of Mythra, Jeremy, Alex and Sonny. Based off Billy Ray Cyrus (Miley Cyrus' IRL father), it's actually Mythra's guardian.
  • Some other characters - one of 'em looks like Olivia Wilde, another one looks like Garrett Hedlund, another one looks like Shia LaBeouf...

Seiji Edit

Or "Sei characters" if you want to call it. Seiji is like a writing system from the Sei region, and you'll see it alot during the series.

Basically it's inspired by the glyphs used by rock band 30 Seconds to Mars (yay) and it's expanded into a whole new language.

Other things Edit

  • Mythra and Geronimo are natives of the Sei region. That's in another planet.
  • Geronimo's actual name is Genna. Oh, and she's a guard or something.
  • Sonnos is Sonny's stage name. She's a musician.
  • This might look like a copy of Avatar (not that James Cameron tho).
  • If anything, Mythra might be a result of an Hexafusion. If you don't know what I mean, google "Hexafusion".

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