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Here you can read the franchises' novels and know more about each one's universes.

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Title Author(s) Genre Setting
Light Star Princess WikiMan Fantasy Earth
Supremity 50X WikiMan Mecha Earth
NOSTRVS ET TERRE WikiMan Adventure Ultraniverse
Total Flow: Full Power WikiMan Fantasy Earth
Citizen Ginya WikiMan Adventure Earth
I feel broken... but I'm not WikiMan Adventure Earth
Sundial Armada WikiMan Fantasy (Multiple)
The Bleeding of America (series) XtranormalGeek Drama America
Total Flow: Bring 'em On! WikiMan Adventure Earth
Banana TimeSplit WikiMan Adventure Earth
Paranormis XtranormalGeek Science Fiction Earth
Mother Nature's Call WikiMan Fantasy Infinius
Heros et Superstes: Different Tomorrow WikiMan Adventure Earth
300B.Sp WikiMan/DeSlaLH Sci-Fi Fantasy Earth
Alexandra's Great Quest WikiMan/DeSlaLH Adventure/Fantasy/Action Earth