Ganymede is a government-funded organization which is primarily focused on mediating the ordinary and supernatural worlds. 


The exact origins of Ganymede are unknown, but it is alluded to thatMajestic 12was involved in some way.


Ganymede is based on several divisions; each with different objectives that range from small to highly crucial. 

Preternatural Crimes DivisionEdit

The Preternatural Crimes Division (PCD) is considered to be the "detective" branch of Ganymede. It mainly focuses on apprehending supernatural entities that have committed crimes against other beings; human or otherwise. 

Relics and Artifacts DivisionEdit

The Relics and Artifacts Division (RAD) deals with the recovery, research and further understanding of otherworldly objects. 

Extraterrestrial Inquiry DivisionEdit

The Extraterrestrial Inquiry Division (EID) is tasked with the analysis of aliens and technology produced by them. This is rumored to be the first division to be funded within Ganymede's structure.