Gattai Senshi Hibrideon, or just Hibrideon (pronounced "Hi-Bree-Dee-on"), is a tokusatsu series created by Thomas W. Miyazaki about teenagers with the ability to merge with one another to become the titular character, Hibrideon, to combat the invading alien force known as the Mokutamma.

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Long ago, the alien invaders known as the Mokutamma began to invade Earth and tried to annihilate the Human Race. To counter the threat, numerous tribes from various alternate dimensions choose their warriors to merge into Hibrideons and combat the Mokutamma. Since then, Earth lived in relative peace for a long time...

...until the Mokutamma decided to strike again and started invading Earth again. This time, the descendants of those who defended Earth from the Mokutamma's first invasion are given the ability to merge with one another and become Hibrideon to defend Earth from the Mokutamma threat. Hibrideon is powered by the Ryokhnin Chips, which embody the different spirits of the several tribes who fought for Earth just like Hibrideon does this day.

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  • Alan

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  • This series is inspired by another tokusatsu series, called Kamen Rider W.