Glenda "Glen" Stein is a 19-years old warrior, whose elemental power is the Sea. She is seen as a serious, often shy girl, but she is smart however. She likes to study biology, read books mainly from her library and watching the news when possible. She makes often biologic studies, and aspires to become a doctor in said matter. She is the sister of Aurelio Stein, and she appears to understand the moves of Madame Namanirak, as she plans tactics to better battle the enemy troops.

Personality Edit

Glenda is one of the most brilliant students at school, but not the most social however, thanks to her shy, serious and smart personality. Her topics of interest are news media, psychic studies and specially biology, her favourite subject of matter. She spends her time reading books she borrows from her library at home and, when possible, watch the news, either on TV, on paper or online. She has a thing for making biologic studies, and wishes to become one day a doctor in biology. She is also seen to understand and analize the moves of Madame Namanirak, having her planning tactics to have better chances to win over the opponents. She is at times a good artist, as she has skills to draw not only the anatomy of the human body, but also landscapes and romantic scenes.

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