Kimberly Genndall, or Kimmy for short, is one of Mia Gensen's classmates and her main rival. She is the class' president, a wealthy girl from a wealthy family. Kimmy is also one of the most popular in Solstice High, as well as part of the series "Total Flow: Full Power" along with Mia.

Appearance Edit

She is a mid-sized girl, but shorter than Mia. She uses constantly make up and cares completely about her beauty. She has long, black hair and prefers to wear earrings often. Her face shape is round, making Kim younger than most of her friends. She likes to wear lipstick and blush.

Personality Edit

This perky, bossy, and spoiled student is very proud of her wealth. She usually gets what she wants, but when she does not, she goes insane and tries to steal attention. She is at times so immature, at times so controlling, but she is somewhat smart. She is best friends with Lindsay Gracy, and likes to get with her circle of friends.

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