Elizabeth "Lizzie" Cullen is a 17-years-old pilot who maneuvers the T.O.M. Light Advancer. She is a vivacious and child-like skilled pilot, capable to maneuver any kind of vehicle easily, and tries to share her experience with her friends and colleagues. Daughter of Anthony Cullen, she pilots the T.O.M. Light Advancer, modelled by a shuttle. Her symbol is Light, her favourite color is pink and she is aged 17 as of 2009. She is also the only american in the Supremity PowerTeam.

Personality Edit

She has a innocent, bubbly, energetic and often immature personality. She is fond of candy, puppies and pop music. This leads her to be seen as "someone too young to lead a powerful team", spawning questions like "why that kind of girl?" "why not another person?" and stuff like that. She also adores singing, playing with dolls and eating cherry icecream. It's said that she could be afraid of ghosts, or even the dark. She also enjoys her piloting skills and sharing her techniques, mainly because she sees it as something wonderful, and she is considered a crucial piece in the [[Supremity PowerTeam].