Mia Gensen is the main protagonist of the series "Total Flow: Full Power". She is a former "mercenary" and a devoted practitioner of the Art of the Legendary Nox Warriors. Mia is of descendant of Nox, "an ancient, yet advanced, yet unknown, yet underrated civilization" acording to her. She is one of the very few humans who can achieve Total Flow successfully.

Appearance Edit

She is a mid-height girl, with orange cryptic "tattoos" on her arms, upper torso and legs. She has blonde spiky locks, which gives her the nickname as the Sun, often to Mia's frustration/shame/disgust. She has green eyes. When in Total Flow, her eyes and tattoos glow white.

Personality Edit

Despite the fact she seems cold and emotionless, she is actually child-like, smart, funny and kinda bubbly. She has a great sense of humour and loves lemon pie, fun and making pranks to her rival Kimberly Genndall. She has, however, bravery and courage running in her veins, and feels deep sorrow over her "separation" with her sister Noah Gensen, and despite seeing her as the enemy, she wishes to help and forgive her sister.

Powers Edit

Considering Total Flow as an ability, Mia's powers come in upon achieving Total Flow.

  • Fire mastery: Mia can create powerful flames, and direct them at foes.
  • Water mastery: Mia is capable of using water as a powerful weapon and for refreshing.
  • Air mastery: Mia uses the air to blow away foes and make fierce cuts.
  • Lightning mastery: Mia deals shocking blows with her thundering skills.
  • Earth mastery: Mia makes use of the soil to attack her opponents and levitates stones often.

Note: she can make more attacks than the ones listed here. She uses a trident and/or a sword to strengthen the powers of Water and Lightning respectively. She can fly using the powers of Wind and Fire. In addition of the versatility of her Earth mastery, she is the only known Nox descendant capable of master all five elements.