Mythrah Hannah Stewart (born November 17th, 1958) is the protagonist and titular character of the action/adventure series I am Mythrah Stewart. Born in the distant Sei Region, Sairo, Mythrah is one of the best Earth Warriors in the entire region, a position she embraces with pride. Mythrah is seen as a strong and agile fighter by her peers and fans. She is also tough, assertive, a bit egocentric, brash, sarcastic, but otherwise smart, very loyal and protective. She is also seen as very beautiful, youthful and charming, even though Mythrah doesn't focus her attention on boys as much as some women. She is also known as MiMi by some of her friends.

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  • Mythrah's first name is derived from Mithra, one of the symbols of american rock band 30 Seconds To Mars.
  • Likewise, Mythrah's middle and last names come from "Hannah Montana" and "Miley Stewart", respectively.
    • Both "Hannah Montana" and "Miley Stewart" are the same character played by Miley Cyrus in the series "Hannah Montana".
  • This character was "conceived" as a result of mixing Miley Cyrus, Korra (from the series "The Legend of Korra") and Copy X (from the videogame "Megaman Zero").
    • Mythrah's design is partially based on Miley Cyrus (specially her facial features).