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FXON Desing tweaking takes place Edit

02.07.2012 As you can see, the FXON homepage's design is a bit weird, because there's a big space between the "UBN Navbar" (which links to other UBN wikis) and the rest of the page's content. That's a pretty huge space if you ask me. That's why I'm considering that the wiki's design will undergo a renovation/update to contribute to the look's evolution. This consists in replacing the divisor line found in various pages. The code-generated content headers will be replaced with graphic headers to help FXON's design outstand more, and to "clean-up" the home page (which will be re-organized as well) of its unnecesary elements. Also I'm considering replacing the wiki's bg for a more cleaner one. Expect me to start my blog at FXON, keeping open the News section. You should see how much FXON grew since the previous report. Have luck making literary fiction here at FXON! And that's the report. / WikiMan