Two new rules now in effect Edit

02.27.2014 / First report of 2014! Yay! Anyways, let me announce you that two new rules were added into the rules list, specifically the Miscelaneous section. These new rules are the basis for the Anti-Duplicate Policy that prevents clones of FXON (and its sister wikis FanFXON and the future FilmFXON) from surfacing on Wikia

These rules state the following:

"3.a) Only one FXON - Please bear in mind that, to avoid confusion, there can be only one FXON and any duplicates of it are not allowed in any form. Those who make duplicates of FXON will get their wiki either deleted and merged with the original and face a ban during between 6 months to 2 years. This applies to all of FXON's sister wikis (i.e. FanFXON, FilmFXON and all language versions of both FXON, FanFXON and FilmFXON).

"3.b) Report duplicates - Users have the right to report duplicates of this wiki using this process should they spot one. But please, don't misuse that feature (i.e. making faux reports) or you'll get banned for 6 months if you do so."

You can check these new rules here in the miscelaneous section page. Please note that these rules are in effect since today, February 27th, 2014.

Any questions about this rule can be sent to my talk page. And that's the report. / WWikiMan