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Enjoy FXON's new look! Edit

10.21.2012 As the title says, FXON rolls out, today at evening, a whole new look, codenamed "ItalicLeaf" (because of its diagonal -or "italic"- nature, and also because of the leaf's color: green). As you see, it took no more than one-two months to finish. Testing the background, crafting the logo and, of course, defining FXON's color: green. If you visited the page before this change, you could see that the wiki was having the default blue Wikia theme. Now all is green here. And you can notice there's writings and texts in the background. That's because the bg design was being announced as based on "slants, fragments and green". Those fragments are of those writings and texts you can see. Those are because they represent storywriting, the spirit of FXON (pronounced fiction, or F-X-ON, and here's why). So yeah, the new look's out, so enjoy it while you write stories. And that's the report.

Sources The pictures you see all over the background were brought here courtesy of:

-[[1]] Pointed Press

-[[2]] RGBstock

-[[3]] Equivocality

Big shout outs to these sites.