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A new member on FXON! First picture here also Edit

12.07.2012 Two things to say about. FXON welcomes its new member, XtranormalGeek, and his new franchise, The Bleeding of America (series), a franchise based on the Second American Revolution. Thanks XtranormalGeek for contributing to the growth of FXON. On another note, there it is, the first picture ever posted on FXON (aside of the background and banners that's part of FXON's look), courtesy of WikiMan. You can check it soon on the article Princess Azori. But that's not the only picture: check back for other pictures and more stuff. To say something: I'm glad to see that the wiki has more users other than me. It's good to see FXON growing good. Ain't that nice? Well, it's your choice, people, to help FXON grow. And that's the report.

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