Noah Gensen is the main "antagonist" of the series "Total Flow: Full Power". She is a brilliant student, and a skillful practitioner of the Art of the Legendary Nox Warriors. Noah is a descendant of Nox, "a forgotten civilization, known for its advanced nature" in her words.Therefore, she is one of the few humans who can achieve Total Flow with success.

Appearance Edit

A mid-height girl, she has blue cryptic tattoos (called Skin Marks) on her arms, upper torso and legs. She has a "disc-like hairstyle on the back of her head", a hairstyle hard to describe. She has green eyes. When in the Total Flow state, her eyes and tattoos glow white.

Personality Edit

She is serious nearly all the time, seemingly quiet, somewhat emotionless at first glance, but she loses her grip when she goes insane at times. Her reclusive nature leads to her have seemingly no friends aside from her neighbour Samantha Erstemann and her loyal majordomo Klaus Kleigsen. Despite her apparent regret for her sister Mia, she hopes to help her soon, and often cries over her "separation" from her younger sister.

Abilities Edit

Using Total Flow, she can perform attacks not commonly known by man. In contrast to Mia's more dynamic nature, Noah developed a more spiritual fighting style (called Mental or Mind over Matter), as she uses her Aura more wisely. Her abilities include:

  • Airbone: she floats in the air, asides from freely moving through air to evade attacks.
  • Telekinesis: she manipulates stuff mostly with her mind, hurling somethimes at her nemeses.
  • Energy conducting: her aura produces energy used for attacking by directing energy at enemies.

Her Mind over Matter fighting style is the most used by nox descendants, behind Mia's elemental fighting style and nature.