Paranormis is an upcoming graphic novel series created by John Albright and Ryan Cooley.


The series follows a clandestine agency within the United States government known as Oculus, which investigates criteria that lie beyond the realm of human understanding; such as paranormal phenomena, supernatural entities and objects, extraterrestrial encounters, and other metaphysical matters.


  • Shawn Tanner: The main protagonist of the series, Shawn Tanner is the leading agent in the Preternatural Crimes Division as well as a descendant of the Elders and an inherent of their powerful abilities. 
  • Isaac FordShawn's adviser and mentor in Oculus.
  • Owen Juarez: The hard-hitting partner of Shawn when he first joins the PCD.
  • Lucius Matheson: An agent of the PCD who has angelic powers ranging from flight to the ability to heal himself and others.
  • April Hughes: Shawn's girlfriend.
  • Emma Carver: A tech-savvy assistant operative who serves as the PCD's information broker during investigations.
  • Colin Harper: The director of the PCD. 
  • Mr. Adams
  • John Titor
  • Tricia Harding



The series was announced on March 2, 2013 on Facebook with a release date sometime in 2014. In that same month, Jessica Gauci and Ryan Cooley were revealed as the first graphic novel's illustrator and assistant writer, respectively. 

On April 21, 2013, four pictures were posted on the official Facebook page with a description that stated that they would serve as templates for what the art style would look like in the series. 

On May 20, 2013, Jessica Gauci dropped out as illustrator for Paranormis due to other responsibilities. Writer John Albright made his page's followers aware of the situation that same day and later announced he was in the process of searching for a new illustrator to fill in the gap left by Gauci. 


Credit for the templates go to their original creators.