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This section covers the posting of pictures and artwork.

1. Identifying yourself Edit

  • 1.a) Profile Pictures - You can upload a picture of yourself for use on the profile page. FXON recommends using original pictures for said purpose, so you can post a drawing of yours instead of a pic of yourself if you want.
  • 1.b) Self pics. If posting elsewhere, please don't post pictures of yourself to call for and/or steal other's attention, or they will be removed. Pictures used to identify yourself -and who you are- is OK.

2. Artworks Edit

  • 2.a) Originality - If you upload your artwork, please make sure that it's at least original. Doesn't matter if you're a very bad drawer, as you can get others to help you.
  • 2.b) Don't steal - Acording to the above, please don't steal nor copy the artwork of others. Or else you'll be banned for 5 months unless you give credit to the original author.
  • 2.c) Collaborating - If you're requested to do it or if you want to, you can make artwork that is based on other people's artwork. Just give credit to the original artwork's author.

3. Miscelaneous Edit

  • 3.a) Other Pictures - If you happen to post unrelated and/or random pictures, please consider that this stuff is relegated to the sandboxes available at FXON. Or try the community forums if you want! That kind of images, if posted somewhere else, will be either moved or deleted depending on the situation.
  • 3.b) Make it appropiate - Due to FXON's family-friendly nature, innapropiate pictures are not accepted anywhere in this wiki. Infractors will face a ban of 5 months or more.

If you want to suggest a change on the rules, please use the Talk Page or talk to the staff. If your proposal is accepted, it will become reality and the rules will be changed.