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This section of the rules covers writing, copying and content.

1. Writing Edit

  • 1.a) Grammar - We want a nicely-written story, so please use proper grammar when making a story and never uselanguages like SMS, leet or others. Don't worry if you don't happen to comply with this rule, we'll rewrite it into a proper grammar version for you.
  • 1.b) Colors - When writing a story, make sure it's written in a black color. If you happen to make that text multi-color, we'll reformat it into black. Doesn't apply when you use colors for emphasis.
  • 1.c) Text Size - Consider that the proper format of your story is that the main text is in a proper size. Don't make a text-size jungle with various sizes of text. If you want, add titles where they belong.

2. Copying Edit

  • 2.a) Copying - FXON is also fueled by originality, so don't steal nor copy others work. Also don't claim other's work as yours. You'll be banned for 2 months if you copy others work, and 7 months if you steal others work and claim it as yours.
  • 2.b) Credit - Your copy may be considered a republish if you copy work while also giving credit to the work's original author. So if you give credit to the original author, the ban stated above won't apply.

3. Content Edit

  • 3.a) Content - FXON is aimed at a wide audience, ranging from all ages. Inappropiate content is not accepted due to FXON's family friendly nature. Those who post innapropiate content will be banned for 5 months or more.
  • 3.b) Harming - Let there be peace, all work made to harm another person is considered harmful. They who harm a person that way may be banned for 9 months or more.

If you want to suggest a change on these rules, please use the Talk Page or talk to the staff. If your proposal is accepted, it will become reality and the rules will be changed.