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4100 BC. Well, kinda. Somewhere in the african continent...

There was a powerful civilization that most of the history books didn't include. A forgotten, yet advanced civilization. It existed before the Ancient Egyptians, before the Greeks, and before the Persians. That civilization is called Nox.

Many believe that they pioneered writing and reading. Many believe that even their culture was advanced. But one thing remains certain: They harnessed the power of nature. Earth, fire, water, crystals, metals... it was the most outstanding feature of this civilization. It made them unique, it made them powerful, it promised them the future... but time was harsh. Soon the Nox civilization dissapeared. No clear reason was given. Some state that they lost their last war, others say that the empire was divided... no, I don't even know. Truth is, there actually are descendants of Nox all over the world. Seems surprising that an ancient civilization lives on, even if they vanished a long ago.

I'm one of those descendants of Nox. My name is Mia Gensen. Nice to meet you.

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